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Suitcase Card Holder

Medium Bird Cage

Small Black Lantern

Metal Heart

Medium and Large

Crystal Stem

Birch Heart Table Numbers

Small and Large Wood

& Metal Lantern

Large Bird Cage

Antiqued LED Lantern

Small and Large Silver Metal Tray

Small and Large Grey

& White Pillar

Wood Table Numbers

Silver Stand Vase

Small and Large Metal Lantern

Rustic Lantern

Chrome and 

Leather Lantern

Candelabras in Silver

and Gold

Rose Flower Bowl

Black Rhinestone Pot

Small Bird Cage

LED Lantern

Large Antique

Ivory Lantern

Manzanitta Trees in Silver, Gold & Brown

Miscellaneous Mason Jars

Winter Centerpiece

Silver Candle Pillar

12" & 14"


Cylinder Vases

3x6, 3x8, 3x12, 3x18

4x10, 6x6, 6x10, 6x36

Silver and Glass Trumpet Vases

Black Mezzo Vase

Cube Vases

6", 6x10

24" Martini Vases

24" Bright Gold Vase

Medium Rose Gold Vase

Hobnail Vases

6", 8", 12"

20" Black Tower Vases

Diamond Etched

Glass Vase Small & Large

Silver Rimmed Vases

4" & 5"

Clear Tower Vases

12" & 20"

Flower Bowl

Medium and Large

Gold Vase


Raised Votives

Hanging Votives

Glass Votives

Silver Rim Votives

Crystal Heart Votives

Gold Votives

Silver Tabloid Votives

Rose Gold Votives

Floating Tealight Votives

Vintage Votives

Wood Votive Holders

Half Glass Votives

Cube Votives

Antique Gold Gem Votives

Crystal Votives

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