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What to do When Wedding Vendor Expectations Fall Flat

All brides think their big day will be perfect. Everything has been planned; everyone knows their roles, rentals have arrived, and all you have to do is enjoy yourself. Even with the most careful planning, a wedding can encounter at least one speed bump along the way to the altar—one that’s out of your control.

One of those speed bumps can take the form of your wedding vendors. Even if you got a good feeling from your initial meeting, there is a possibility they can let you down hard when you least expect it, causing you unnecessary stress and worry.

Managing Disappointing Wedding Vendors

If this scenario is happening to you, there are several ways you can handle it while still appearing professional instead of a bridezilla. First, take the time to calm down and cool off. Whether it’s something big that sends you off the handles or something small that sets you off, don’t act impulsively because you can’t take back words said in anger. If you communicate with a wedding vendor while in this state, you may permanently damage the relationship. Instead, let your feelings settle for one day. The time will allow you to think clearly, so you can discuss the problem rationally and work towards finding a solution. The majority of wedding vendors want to make you happy.

When you’re unhappy with the services you’ve paid for, remember that honest communication is vital. Don’t sweep the issues under the rug. They may be the last thing you want to deal with, but you can’t hope for the best. When bringing up the problem, approach the matter with an open mind and a friendly manner. People in general are more receptive to those who are amiable.

With that advice, though, remember that while some things are out of your control, others are also out of the control of your wedding vendors. Suppliers can be late, packages can get lost, and so on. Although a good vendor should have a backup plan, remember that things happen.

Keep Records to Look Back On

If resolving the issue is creating strain on the relationship and you’re meeting resistance from your vendor, go back to the written correspondence that promised the deliverables. Make sure you track all commitments and deadlines, so nothing is misunderstood. If anything is contested, things can be easily recalled.

If you’re beyond the point of achieving happiness once again and want to move on, you can always ask for a refund—it’s your right as a paying customer. Talk to the wedding vendor in particular and negotiate compensation with them directly. If that fails, then get a third-party involved to help resolve the issue.

It’s every bride’s hope that their wedding goes off without a hitch and that the process to get there has relatively few speed bumps. If a wedding vendor doesn’t meet your expectations, talk to them about it, and, if all else fails, collect a refund and move on.

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