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Sweetheart Saturday: Jessica & Derrick

Couple: Jessica & Derrick Dmytryk

Wedding: August 2018

Wedding Location: Family farm and Ryley Community Centre

Rentals: Esteem Wedding & Event Rentals

Photographer: Jaymarie Studios Photography & Cinematography

How They Met

We wouldn’t have met, never mind gotten married, if it wasn’t for Tanneil, one of Esteem’s owners. Over three years ago, she invited me over to a friend’s house where the conversation turned to relationships. It was brought up that I had been single forever, literally. Instantly, Tanneil brought up Derrick, and it wasn’t long after her passing on our information to each other did we start talking, which led to dating, and here we are! That night it was the beginning to being introduced to the love of my life.

The Proposal

Derrick and I were in the process of completing renovations on our home, and I wasn’t planning on going to the farm with him, but changed my mind and decided to tag along. I wasn’t in the best of moods that day, so once we arrived, I was busy playing on my phone and basically ignoring him.

He then said, “Aren’t you going to go grab the key?” I realized he was still in the vehicle with me, which I thought was weird. I thought nothing more of it and got out of the vehicle to get the hidden key. I lifted up the décor, and there was a grey box! I turned to Derrick and said, “I think the guys (our contractors) left something here…look.” But after picking it up, I then realized what it really was. All I remember was opening it up, screaming, and crying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He didn’t even have time to ask me the special question. It led to an inside joke of are we really even engaged?

The Big Day

Our wedding day turned out so smoothly! I don’t recall one thing not going “right,” which was not expected. I mean there always has to be something, right? The weather turned out perfect, and I definitely didn’t sleep much the night before! In the morning, I gave my bridesmaids their gifts, and time just flew by after that. I remember when it was time to put my dress on, and I couldn’t believe how fast that came. The nerves kicked in HARD then; I didn’t want to trip walking down the aisle or ugly cry. Walking down the aisle was a total blur, the ceremony flew by, and there we were signing papers and walking away as husband and wife!

After photos, all I remember while walking in to our reception was just holding Derrick’s hand and being in the moment together.

It’s weird to have so many people there and just feel like it’s you and him. The speeches had us in stitches—there are some good pictures to prove that—and our first dance was special in our own way. Derrick does not dance AT ALL, hence our song being “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice minus how in the song he ends up spinning the girl around. It was more so dance in one spot and hope to God we looked alright! I was on the dance floor for a good majority of the night while Derrick was more by the bar. This explains us more as a couple I’d say!

There were so many little special moments throughout the night that made our wedding unique and fun. The only thing I wish I could change was to make the day longer; it flew by, which I was warned about many times, but I guess I never believed it. It was the most perfect night we will always remember.

Favourite Moments

It’s stuck between two. Usually you would think it was one of the most common such as exchanging vows/rings or the first dance. While we both did love those special parts, we have different favourites. One was during pictures in our yard when our photographer got my sister to set off confetti, and we did poses looking at each other, kissing, faces touching…it just felt surreal. The second was all the laughs we had during the speeches. It was so special to us to hear some of the most important people in our lives share their thoughts.

Advice to Other Brides

First off, hire Tanneil and Sandi with Esteem Wedding & Event Rentals! They are both some of the most passionate people about what they do. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff! No one else will know something didn’t work out. I was told this SO often to the point of getting annoyed, but it’s true. I wish I listened to it more to avoid the stress.

The Esteem Experience

In no way is this because I personally know the lovely owners, but I would rate my experience with Esteem Wedding & Event Rentals five stars. Our décor was absolutely breathtaking, and they were both very easy to work with. Décor was something I felt VERY lost with, and you can fully trust these two will do all they can to make your dream come true!

Jessica & Derrick’s Rentals

Tablecloths, tablerunners, charger plates, napkins, lanterns, windows, bird cages,

backdrops, trees, pillars, chair covers, sashes, votives, ceiling décor, wagon wheel chandelier,

wooden ceremony arch, pews, and burlap wreaths

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