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It’s a Merry Time to Get Married

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—to get married, of course! Christmas time is filled with friends, family, gatherings, and food, so why not have your wedding during this time to make it even merrier? Christmas weddings are one-of-a-kind and are sure to be gorgeous amid the snow and coziness.

It’s not very often you hear couples tying the knot around Christmas because, for one, it’s cold. But if you’re a bride who’s willing to tough it out, you won’t be disappointed! The holidays are full of romance (cue all your Facebook friends’ engagement announcements), so we fully support any couple who wants to get married in the snow and sparkle.

Christmas Wedding Inspiration

If you’re a bride or groom wanting to get married during the festive holiday season, here are some ideas. Let these be your muse!

Wedding Attire: Many people love Christmas simply because it is so beautiful. Trees are sparkling with colored twinkle lights and ornaments shine in their place, causing many to oh and aw. Well, you can definitely cause the same reaction with your wedding dress! A bedazzled, full ball gown is an elegant choice for a Christmas bride especially when paired with a faux fur stole to help keep you warm. Gentlemen can rock velvet bow ties, and your best ladies can look dazzling in deep reds, rich greens, or gold gowns.

Ceremony Décor: There are tons of ways to incorporate a Christmas theme in your ceremony, starting with decorating aisle chairs with ornaments or berries that complement your chosen colors. To dress up the altar, you can also arrange hurricane candle holders, and fill them with sparkling crystals. If snow is your favourite part of the cooler season, make it snow as you walk down the aisle! To make your ceremony feel more cozy and romantic, give each friend in your bridal party a pillar candle to carry as they walk to the altar.

Rockin’ Reception: What’s a Christmas inspired wedding without a stunning Christmas tree? Make your guests stop and stare as they come into your reception by having a towering tree with wrapped empty boxes underneath. Take this theme even further by assigning seating with pretty ornament cards topped with a bow or go green with pine needle sprigs. You can also dress up any bare walls with oversized wreaths, add holiday cheer with ornament centerpieces, or exude romance with dramatic candelabras.

Having your wedding during the holiday season is sure to make you and your guests holly and jolly, and wintery weather and decorations will make for a cozy atmosphere you’ll never want to leave. Get inspired by our ideas, and create your own winter wonderland.

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12 de ago. de 2023

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