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10 Creative Ways to Stretch Your Wedding Budget

It’s no surprise that weddings possess the ability to rack up tons of expenses. Photographers, flowers, invitations, music, food all come at a cost and a high one at that. Careful budgeting can help you overcome some of these expenses, but it can also get tossed out the window as you get swept up in planning.

If you reviewed your budget and expenses and you felt your chest closing tight with panic, take some deep breaths. There are several ways in which you can make your wedding money go further and still have a beautiful day that you will remember forever.

Follow These Tips to Trim Wedding Expenses

Sometimes it takes some creativity, compromise, and ingenuity to get everything you want at a price you like. Take a look at our tips and get some ideas that you can put into action!

1) Decrease your bridal number party: If your core group of gals and chaps is quite big, it makes financial sense to downsize your bridal party. The smaller the number of people standing by your side, the less you’ll have to spend on gifts, bouquets, and boutonnieres. You really don’t need 5+ girls by your side. Keep it small and involve important friends in other key jobs of your day.

2) Set and enforce guest list rules: The easiest way to minimize a guest list is to refrain from inviting coworkers and children. To further slash the list, don’t invite your friends’ casual dates, but allow significant others.

3) Go local for entertainment: If you have your heart set on a band, consider finding local talent that you can hire for less. Take your maid of honor out for some drinks, and scope out bands that will kick your wedding up a notch. You’ll still get rockin’ entertainment, but for a fraction of the cost.

4) Eliminate height on your tables: Tall floral centerpieces wow and make an immediate impression not only on your guests, but on your budget, too. They can start at approximately $150 and go up from there. When you forgo height, you can easily save 50-60%. What do you replace them with instead? Adding more candlelight than flowers will make your reception feel more intimate.

5) Choose a simple cake with big impact: Yes, multi-tiered wedding cakes definitely make a statement, but they can eat up your budget. Consider ordering a moderately priced and plainly decorated cake, and then go big on your cake topper. They’re much less expensive than a nice cake, but still make a great focal point.

6) Do you really need a groom’s cake? We get that it’s a nice way to show your groom’s personality, but that’s supposed to be incorporated into the rest of your wedding day, too. Groom’s cakes can get fancy, which means more money out of your pocket. Settle for one instead.

7) Pay less for blooms that look expensive: Florists can do magic when it comes to flowers, so don’t think you need to go with pricier blooms. Antique hydrangeas have wine-tinted blossoms and cost around $25 per piece retail. However, there’s special floral spray your florist can use to make them look more expensive without shelling out the money. You’ll still get the look you want at a price that will make you smile.

8) Reconsider your wedding season: Many couples get married in the summer for obvious reasons. It’s nice out, you won’t freeze, you can camp, etc. The list is a mile long. Because of the season’s popularity, though, you’ll end up paying more for venues and sites. During December through to March, prices are lower. You can save up to 25% if you get married in the “off” season.

9) Switch cities: Are you finding wedding vendors in your area are just too pricey? Considering swapping locations and watch your expenses drop. Big city vendors will often charge more, so consider looking at locations farther out if you want to stretch your budget further.

10) Don’t get married on a Saturday: Saturday is the most popular day to get married and the most expensive. When you book on a Friday night or Sunday, you can see huge savings. That may also mean some people from your guest list won’t be able to attend, which will further drive down your costs.

Weddings are only as expensive as you make them. It’s up to you to wrangle with your expectations and vision while keeping the whole event at a reasonable cost. If you want to stretch your wedding budget further, follow the above tips and enjoy the cost savings!

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