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A Tasteful Halloween-Inspired Wedding

Amid the orange, black, costumes, and candy, love can blossom like a growing pumpkin. A perfect time to celebrate it is during Halloween—an event that can be classy, elegant, and entertaining. You don’t have to break out the costumes, but you can celebrate in true Halloween style.

When it comes to a Halloween wedding, there’s a fine line between ghoulish tackiness and stunning accents. You don’t want your wedding to be remembered as cheesy, so here are some ideas to make your holiday wedding jaw dropping without the scream.

Tasteful Ideas for Your Halloween Wedding

1) Be unconventional with your wedding attire: It’s Halloween, so you don’t have to wear white. A nice, unexpected choice is a flowing gray dress that conveys a dark, glamorous you. If you don’t want to go that far, incorporate black into other parts of your dress like a black sash/belt or a black lace shoulder strap.

Your bridesmaids can also join in on this fun with black and white, long, striped dresses reminiscent of Beetlejuice. They can also go full black, making you stand out in pictures and giving your wedding a more formal feel.

2) Be spooky and romantic: What’s more romantic than getting married by candlelight? Lots and lots of candlelight. Not only will it be unique, but it will also cast some serious shadows and make your ceremony hauntingly beautiful.

Fabric isn’t off limits either. Draped strands of it can become a unique backdrop for you to say ‘I do’ in front of. Channel your inner ghost to create a space that your guests will never forget.

3) Trade orange for white: Don’t want to use the traditional pumpkin? Give it an upgrade and go for white ones! Use them for aisle accents, decorate with a few in your reception, or pin your escort cards onto mini ones. You can also have your flower girl carry her flowers in a pumpkin basket instead.

4) Favours Halloween style: Halloween revolves around candy, so make it readily available at your reception with a themed candy bar. Think of adding black licorice, candy corn, Twizzlers, peanut butter cups, and other mini-size candies. Provide to-go bags so guests can enjoy the sugar after your event, too.

Another unique idea is a love potion favour. Tag it with spooky style in little vials that contain a homemade cocktail, bath salts, lotion, or olive oil.

5) Back in black: There are many ways in which you can tastefully add black accents in your wedding without going overboard. If you plan on having a signature drink, think about a blackberry cocktail—a clear concoction with a single blackberry. Dark flowers can also give you edgy elegance. There are several types of black blooms to choose from for your bouquet or centerpieces including calla lilies, tulips, anemones, and dahlias. Mix some buds with black feathers and you have an even more unique arrangement.

Halloween weddings can be just a classy as others and even more unique. Besides being spooky and glamorous, black can lend a more formal vibe to your holiday wedding. If you want to step outside the box and have a more edgy affair, a tasteful Halloween wedding is a perfect idea.

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