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Expenses to Budget for While Planning Your Wedding

High-priced nuptials are what many engaged couples stress about for months leading up to their weddings. They can be found constantly asking if they are on budget, where they can trim expenses, why things are so expensive, etc.

Now depending on the vision you and your fiancé have for your nuptials, your expenses for the big day can differ drastically from those of a friend or family member. You may choose to have a simple backyard wedding instead of a fancy hall or an informal barbeque over a sit-down five-course meal. What you need to remember is that it’s all about what you want as a couple and your priorities—not someone else’s.

And with so many things to do, vendors to book, and décor to get, it’s not uncommon to forget one or two things here and there, so we’ve made you a list to help you out!

Possible Wedding Expenses

Like we said, weddings are only as expensive as you make them and totally depend on your overall vision. Below we’ve suggested some expenses an engaged couple usually budgets for, but add or subtract to the list as you see fit.

● Wedding favors

● Insurance

● Church and reception rental expenses

● Lodging for out-of-town bridesmaids

● The wedding cake and reception catering

● Transportation to and from the ceremony and reception for the bride and family

● All stationary including invitations

● Ceremony music

● A wedding planner/consultant

● Flowers for the church and reception

● Bridal attire

● Wedding photos and video

● Reception decor

● The rehearsal dinner

● Bride’s engagement and wedding rings

● Lodging for out-of-town groomsmen

● The marriage license

● The honeymoon

● Officiant fees

● Wedding night accommodations for the newlyweds

● Bride’s bouquet

● Corsages for all mothers and grandmothers

● Boutonnieres for the groomsmen

● Bride’s wedding gift

● Groom’s attire

● DJ or band

● Liquor for the reception

● Groom’s wedding gift

● Groom’s wedding ring

● Bridesmaids’ gift

● Thank you gift for parents

When all expenses are listed out, you can see just how expense a wedding can become. However, the expenses we’ve listed aren’t everyone’s wedding and can be cut in places. When you prepare for the budget discussion, you can take this list with you as a reference for helping you plan. Feel free to make your own rules and set your own expectations when it comes to your wedding budget.

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