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Falling for Fall Weddings

Fall might just be our most beautiful season. Winter is too cold, summer is too hot, spring is too soon, but fall is just right. During September and October, nature truly out does itself. Beautiful leaves make for stunning photos and backgrounds, and cooler air makes the perfect atmosphere to cuddle up with your SO.

If you’re a fall enthusiast like us, you can’t wait to plan the perfect autumn wedding, and we can’t wait to help you. Thinking of all the colors and possibilities puts you in your happy place.

Here’s some ideas to help complete your dream of a gorgeous, snuggly, autumn wedding.

Fall Wedding Ideas

Food: Fall has many great holidays (shout out to Halloween and Thanksgiving) that wedding couples can incorporate into their event. Not only will your menu be great, but it will also be comforting and homey. Think along the lines of squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Butternut squash soup sounds like a scrumptious starter.

During this time of the year, several colorful fruits are also available. You can incorporate cranberries, pears, apples, or pomegranates into your menu, favours, or wedding cake.

Colors: Fall colors are a wonderful palette from which to choose your primary and secondary wedding colors. Deep reds, brilliant oranges, chocolate browns, and rich yellows provide a natural warmth. If you don’t want your event to feel too much like autumn, you can pick and choose these colors sparingly, so you don’t feel restricted. They can also be jazzed up and modernized with gold or copper for a more glamourous vision. Neutral shades like slate gray and cream also pair well with them, and elegance can be achieved with a deep plum or emerald green.

Wedding Favours: As tokens that will remind your guests of your big day, wedding favours can be really fun, especially if they are fall themed. There are so many you can choose from such as wrapped candy apples, mini maple syrups, golden honey, s’more packages, or hot chocolate mix. Whichever fall favour you choose, your guests will enjoy.

Cozy Conditions: Depending on the date of your nuptials, guests may find it a bit chilly if your ceremony is outdoors. How do you fix that? On your welcome table or nearby, you can leave a bunch of plaid blankets to keep everyone warm. For a quick warm up, consider having a hot chocolate table that guests can enjoy after you say ‘I do.’ Make some pumpkin spice flavouring available, and you’ll have everyone feeling as warm and happy as you.

Transportation: What does fall mean? Hay rides! If your guests have a bit of a hike from one location to the next, enhance your fall theme will some hay and a wagon. Not only will it save your guests feet, but it will definitely be something they remember! Plus, it’s the perfect backdrop for some cute photos.

Décor: Pumpkins are the epitome of fall and perfect additions to your wedding, along with leaves, antlers, and other items that reflect this glorious season. Incorporate antlers into your centerpieces or greet your guests with pumpkin place cards that show them to their seat. If your love for pumpkins is really strong, have your friends and family sign a plastic pumpkin that you can keep forever.

Fall is a beautiful season full of color and changes, so it’s fitting to start your new journey during the autumn months. You can incorporate fall components into most aspects of your day that will reflect your love of the season and your SO.

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