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How to Prepare a Floor Plan for Your Reception

Besides the actual exchanging of rings, your wedding reception is one of the biggest parts of your big day; it’s what many of your guests will—or maybe won’t—remember most. It’s where you and your significant other will be able to interact with friends and family, drinking, dancing, and laughing the night away.

That’s why it’s so crucial to get your reception right. You want to throw an amazing first party as newlyweds. If you don’t have a reception floor plan that flows and is sensible, you could inadvertently be putting a damper on your celebration.

Considerations for Your Reception Plan

If you’re stressing trying to get your reception layout right, have no fear. These tips will help you make the right decisions.

1) Dance floor central: The dance floor is hopefully where the party will be for the evening! That’s why you want to put it front and center and somewhere where it’s easily accessible. Don’t be hiding it in another room or around the corner because it won’t stay packed. When your dance floor is only a few steps away, your guests will be much more involved and willing to bust a move.

2) Bigger is not better: It can be tempting to leave room for a huge dance floor, but don’t do it! Bigger is not better in this case. Take a second look at the number of RSVPs you’ve received and accommodate that. When your dance floor is too big, it will look sparse even if all your guests are dancing. Encourage others to join the fun by keeping your dance floor small.

3) Forget about the corners: When trying to find a spot for your DJ, don’t look to the corners. You wouldn’t stick a band in the corner, would you? To get the party hopping, your DJ needs to be able to read the crowd, which is only possible right by the dance floor.

4) Bars, bars, and more bars: We’re no stranger to big weddings, and it seems like many in our area aren’t either! That means your bar will be busy all night long. A general rule to follow is to have two bartenders manning one bar for every 100 guests. If you don’t, your guests will face a long line and lose their buzz. For bigger weddings where more than one bar is needed, spread them out to avoid congestion, and try and keep them away from entrances.

5) Clump the fun stuff: The natural tendency of many brides is to spread out all the fun stuff that will be taking place during the course of the evening like the bar, photo booth, cake, etc. However, if these things are too far from the dance floor, you’ll be the only one left on it. When you put the fun stuff together, you encourage more interaction.

6) Table triumph: Arrange your tables thoughtfully throughout your venue, so all your guests can hear well. Don’t place tables right next to the speakers, or you’ll have some guests that will not have an enjoyable evening. You also don’t want to put them too far away from the center stage. If you have the room, a great arrangement to use is the “U” shape around the dance floor.

There are a lot of tables and things brides need to place in a reception, and before you know it, there can be very little room left. When you place your tables strategically, however, and create a layout that flows and encourages fun, you’ll find you’ll be able to fit everything you need.

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