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Planning a Rustic Wedding: Ideas for Brides

What seems like one of the most popular wedding trends isn’t slowing down any time soon. It’s all the rage with brides, especially with ones in our area. We continuously see fabrics and décor like burlap, twine, and lace being used to commemorate nuptials.

So how did we get to this point? Why did rustic become a trend that so many brides are in a huge rush to claim as their own?

Of the many reasons why rustic weddings are so appealing and popular today is because of what they aren’t—a splashy, formal affair in a traditional ballroom. They don’t represent a big, white wedding. Instead, rustic weddings exude a relaxed atmosphere instead of a regal one and go farther to make guests feel welcomed and warm.

What’s a Rustic-Themed Wedding?

What makes a wedding rustic? Is it the many roles of burlap, mason jar centerpieces, or the presence of a barn? A rustic wedding pays tribute to the great outdoors by using an outdoor venue like a barn or by decorating with lots of natural or nature-inspired elements.

The rustic theme, like many others, comes in all shapes and sizes that brides fine-tune to fit their overall vision. However, there are two takes that are seen on a regular basis: shabby chic and classic country cowboy style.

A shabby chic wedding has many natural touches incorporated, but is generally seen as a more upscale affair that takes place outdoors. It emulates old-world charm by decorating with items such as lace, chalkboards, logs, etc. Country cowboy style, on the other hand, is largely a casual and relaxed party. It’s dressed-down, can have a simple bbq, and has dancing long into the night.

Planning a Rustic Wedding

If rustic is your theme of choice, here is some inspiration and décor items to help with your planning.

1) Attire: Forget about long, A-line bridesmaid dresses and custom tuxes. The attire for the bridal party, especially the ladies, is all about short, lace dresses, and cowboy boots. Men usually forgo nice suits for jeans, boots, and possibly blazers. Cowboy hats are optional, too.

2) Flowers: The rustic theme is all about natural elements, and nothing is more natural than flowers straight from the garden. Wild-looking bouquets are perfect and relaxed. Wildflowers, sunflowers, baby’s breath, and greenery with accents shouldn’t be overlooked.

3) The ceremony: Barns, trees, and fields are the best backdrop for your big day. Greet guests with chalkboard signs held up with hay bales, and decorate your aisle with a burlap runner, lanterns, wood stumps, or baby’s breath.

4) Centerpieces: With a rustic theme, you can really go nuts with your centerpieces. Think lanterns, moss, natural flowers, wood slices, mason jars, and more. Use wooden crates topped with twine, burlap, or bottles, or paint mason jars to match your wedding color palette.

5) Transportation: Who doesn’t love a classic old truck to ride in? If you have connections, you could ride around in true country style. If you really want to up your country factor, consider driving your guests to the location site with a team of horses.

6) Photography: Natural-looking photos are timeless, and rustic landscapes have a lot to offer. Use elements near you to get pictures you’ll love for years to come. Take a picture on top of a round bale of hay, or take a stroll through the pastures. Highlight that white wooden fence or the split rail, and capture a moment with your favourite farmyard animal.

We love rustic weddings and think they have a timeless look. If you want a rustic wedding, just remember it’s about being natural in your scenery and the elements you choose. Esteem Wedding & Event Rentals has many décor pieces that will enhance any rustic wedding. Take a look at our website for more details, or contact us to visit our showroom.

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