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Reception Layouts Made Easy with Esteem

When you’ve finally found the wedding venue that Pinterest dreams are made of, inspiration can strike immediately. You can find your head swimming with ideas, colors, and décor. When the times comes to put all those ideas on paper, though, you may struggle with finding room for all you’ve envisioned.

Little Effort can Yield Big Results

It can be difficult to pinpoint where exactly you should place your cake table or your DJ or additional items you want, but that’s where we can help you out. Esteem Wedding & Event Rental’s wedding planning services offer the support you need to help make big decisions like this.

We’ll sit down and collaborate with you to find room for everything. Better yet, we’ll find room and make your reception floor plan awesome. We’ll look at the flow of traffic throughout the space and find ways to make the dance and party the focal point of it. You won’t have any guests complaining of hearing loss from the speakers, elbows taken to the back of the head from guests at the bar, or sucking in their stomachs to help others pass between tables on their way to the washroom.

What we mean to say is that when you enlist our assistance, a huge load is taken off your shoulders and put onto ours instead. We’ll do the planning, and all you’ll have to do is add in your two cents here and there, put your stamp of approval on it, and then watch it come to life on your big day.

Planning for Greatness

Before we mastermind your reception layout, we’ll need a few things from you. First, we’ll have to see the floor plan of the venue. If you have pictures you can bring in, especially if it’s a venue we aren’t already yet familiar with, that would be helpful, too. From those images and plans, we can let our creativity start to flow.

Next, we’ll need to know the rough number of people you’ll be expecting to attend. With that number, we’ll be able to determine how many tables you need, their sizing, and the dimensions between them so guests will be comfortable.

Once those main things are done, you’ll have to provide us with a list of extra tables and items that you want incorporated into the venue (think photo booth, memorial table, etc.). We’ll see where we can logically fit them in. If it’s a tight squeeze, we’ll work our juggling magic to ensure there is space for people and tables to be comfortable.

When all your numbers are finalized and plans are set in stone, we’ll take another look at the layout created to see if it still works. You never know. Instead of thinking you’d need 23 tables, you could realize you only need 20, freeing up much more room for us to play with. If everything is good to go, you’ll then have the perfect reception layout to follow.

Reception layouts can be tricky when you have too many things to squeeze in and not enough room. Esteem Wedding & Event Rentals can help maximize the space you’re in and make everyone comfortable so all can enjoy the party. If you need help creating the perfect reception layout, contact us for assistance!

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