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Unique Places to Tie the Knot Around St. Paul

If you’ve grown up and lived in the same community all your life, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of attending many a wedding there, too. So, when it comes time for your big day, many of the usual places friends and family have used in the past may seem blah to you.

Now is your opportunity to be bold and creative.

St. Paul is a decently sized community that has ample opportunity for brides just like yourself to be unique. There are tons of locations, building, and amenities you can use to your advantage to have a memorable wedding and impress your guests. Let’s take a look at some ideas!

Wedding Venues in St. Paul

*All the locations mentioned below are strictly ideas. Please contact the appropriate organization to determine if wedding site services are available.*

1) The UFO Pad: Your wedding would definitely be one of a kind if you and your fiancé got married at this location unique to the St. Paul community! It would be just the right size for an intimate ceremony and would totally reflect you if you’re into extraterrestrial stuff. What’s more is that it can be left alone or dressed up for a white wedding.

2) Baseball Diamonds: If you and your fiancé are of the athletic variety, this venue could be for you. Get married on home base or in the outfield as friends and family watch and cheer on. If you want to go this route, all you would need is some chairs for the ceremony.

3) Soccer Fields: St. Paul is home to many soccer fields that you can use to your advantage! If you’re an avid player or generally a huge fan of the game, this ceremony location could be ideal for your upcoming nuptials. Say “I do” in front of soccer nets or at the center faceoff on perfectly manicured turf.

4) Reunion Station: One of St. Paul’s prime rental buildings, the Reunion Station is a viable option for brides looking for a rustic venue. With a cabiny feel to it and exposed wood pillars, it would make a great backdrop for some wedding photos. A playground is also close by for children attending your wedding, and there is a huge parking lot for your guests.

Photo from: Town of St. Paul

5) Golf Course: Outdoor ceremonies are a nice addition to any wedding (if it’s good weather), especially if it’s on a perfect looking golf green. The St. Paul golf course has a brand new clubhouse, which also features a patio. Tie the knot on the green and then move the celebration indoors to the clubhouse. Photos at this location would look fantastic, too!

6) Lakes: There are two lakes near the community that may be a hidden wedding gem! If you and your fiancé love going to the lake, what better way to celebrate you than getting married on a dock with beautiful lakefront views behind you! Take some romantic picture with your husband on the dock or in a rowboat. There are also some trash the dress opportunities here, too, ladies!

St. Paul is a community that has many gorgeous outdoor locations for brides to choose from. You don’t have to feel stuck on your choices of ceremony or reception locations. Instead, think outside the box, explore some of the ideas on our list, and plan an amazing wedding that truly reflects you guys as a couple.

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