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What Should You Look for in a Wedding Vendor?

Wedding vendors are those who help make weddings whole and complete. Their services can range from florals to feasts to photography. Ideally, they enhance your special day and make it even better. However, they aren’t all the same quality.

Wedding vendors who stress you out, make life more difficult, and don’t deliver are no good for any bride. If you don’t find one that compliments you and your future partner, you could be headed for trouble. Your wedding cake could be a huge disappoint, your florals may be lackluster, or your photos could leave much to be desired.

That’s why you need to search far, wide, and thoroughly for the ones that are right for you.

4 Things to Look for in a Wedding Vendor

To avoid any potential unfortunate scenarios, here are some key traits you should be looking for.

1) Flexibility: A flexible wedding vendor is a god send for brides. Not everything regarding weddings can be held to a deadline (especially guests), so it’s nice to have flexibility when you need it. Flexibility can also go further to avoid restricting your options like some venues do, limiting, or even eliminating, your choice of wedding planners, caterers, or photographers. To ensure you’re the one running the show, avoid strict limitations that may be in place.

2) A team player: Even though it may seem like you’re the one doing all the work, which may be the case, several family and friends may come together to help make your wedding possible. Included in that list should also be your wedding vendors. You want to be able to collaborate with a professional who will listen to your wants and create a wedding that reflects your joined personalities. You don’t want one who will try a push ideas on you rather than suggesting ones that will be a good fit. A vendor who’s a team player will help you create moments that have your guests saying, “This is so Brad and Charlotte!”

3) Compatibility: How well do you mesh with your potential vendors? Are you left feeling drained, depressed, and confused, or do you have the same tastes and temperament? After the first few meetings with them, you should have a clear idea if you are gelling well or not. If you aren’t, keep searching until you find one that makes you feel at ease, is helpful, and can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

4) Familiarity: It is helpful and can be a bonus to work with wedding vendors who have existing relationships with other ones. That means they work well together to provide great service to brides and grooms on their happy day. It also means they know the ins-and-outs, shortcomings, and tricks to your venue, décor, etc. If vendors have excellent working relationships with each other, it can make your life that much easier.

Finding wedding vendors is a huge component of planning a wedding. If you put in enough effort, you’ll find ones that truly add to your day. When you go searching for the perfect companies, look for flexibility, compatibility, familiarity, and a team mentality.

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