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What to Look for in an Excellent Wedding Planner

This is one of the biggest milestones in your life, and you need a wedding planner that knows their stuff. Not anyone will do. You need the best.

Many can claim their wedding planning services are what you need, but can they walk the walk, or will they leave you wanting more and wishing you went with someone else?

So how do you find the best wedding planner for you? What do you look for?

Choosing a Reputable Wedding Planner

You need to have a wedding planner that really knows what they’re doing, and here’s how you can determine if they’d be a great ally.

1) Look at their experience: How long has this wedding planner been planning wedding? Five years, 10 years, one year? The more experience they have, the better they should be. However, that isn’t always the case. Emerging wedding planners can have great talent, but may be a little short in the experience department. Do let this factor be the deciding factor. If they have less experience, they have more to prove, and that could mean going above and beyond to make your wedding perfect.

2) Recommendations: If you have a wedding planner in mind, take a look at the testimonials listed on their website and ask around about them. If you hear nothing but good reviews, that’s a great sign, and if you get warnings, run for the hills. Don’t be afraid to also ask the wedding planner for a list of past clients that you can personally contact if you want to do more research and digging.

3) Credentials: Has this person been professionally trained in the art of planning, coordinating, and executing weddings or have they trained themselves? What credentials do they have? From here, you can determine what their level of experience and professionalism is. Credentials and training will also help you avoid scammers and people who claim to have this niche expertise.

4) Personality: For this factor, it’s best to meet with them in person to see if your personalities mesh together well. Because you’ll be working closely with them for many months, it’s vital you get along and share the same vision. If you hire a wedding planner you don’t like, there’s going to be a long road ahead of you filled with struggles and regrets.

5) Look at their portfolio: Reviewing their past events will go a long way to determining if they’ll be a treasured asset to yours. Look at their gallery and scrutinize their style. Are their ideas like everyone else’s, or are you blown away by their creativity and fresh ideas? If you’re impressed by their past work, then your guests will be, too.

Finding an amazing wedding planner can be a challenge because you need to find one that compliments both your style and personality. If you’re searching for a one to assist with your wedding, contact Esteem Wedding and Event Rentals. I’m a certified wedding consultant that loves helping brides plan their dream wedding. Feel free to send me a message and get in touch!

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