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You Said Yes to Marriage! Now What?

The moment finally arrived. When you turned around, he was down on one knee holding the most gorgeous engagement ring you’ve ever seen! It was like he looked at your Pinterest board! Then the waterworks came. Tears were rolling down your face as you were shaking your head yes. You’re going to be a mrs!

Now what?

What are you supposed to do after you get engaged once all your closest family and friends have been excitedly told? There’s so much to plan, to look at, and to do you can get whiplash. Yes, it means you’re going to busy, but we’ll show you how to start small.

What to do After You Get Engaged

Here are four things you should do once you have a big, shiny ring on your left hand.

1) Think of a date: You’re about to get bombarded with questions about when your happy celebration is going to be, so you best start thinking about it now! You won’t be able to nail down the exact date until you look at venues or other must-have wedding vendors, so determine a range or month that you and your fiancé would like to tie the knot in. Factor in the seasons, holidays, and any other events to avoid conflict.

2) Pick a theme and location: These are huge decisions that will affect the rest of your wedding. Do you want to get married on a beach in Mexico or in your backyard? Do you want a glamorous wedding or a more industrial feel? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Think of your dream wedding, and go from there!

3) Determine the size: Big isn’t always better. They can be more of a party, but don’t have the same kind of intimacy as a small wedding celebration. Whatever you decide, make sure your fiancé is on the same page. If your family is contributing, too, they may have some opinions on this matter as well. Once you have a rough estimate of how many people could be attending, then you’ll be able to talk about your budget.

4) Crunch numbers to determine your budget: The size of your wedding will directly affect your budget. More people equals more mouths to feed, more chair covers to rent, and more centerpieces to get. Sit down with your fiancé and see how much you can afford and are comfortable with. The average Canadian wedding costs roughly $31,000. If that number doesn’t sit right with you, then you may have to manage your expectations. When you set a realistic budget, you can make wedding planning a lot easier.

When you get engaged, everyone is over-the-moon excited for you. It’s nice to bask in this excitement, but, sooner or later, you need to start planning. That means sitting down, writing lists, and agreeing. Talk with your fiancé about the date, the theme and location, the size of your wedding, and your bridal party. Once these important decisions have been made (and agreed upon), then you can start getting into the other details.

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